Lawsuit filed against Whole Foods by woman attacked in NYC store for failure to provide adequate security measures

A woman who was shopping at Whole Foods and got hit in the head with a glass bottle is now suing the Midtown store for negligence in ensuring the safety of its customers.

Cassidy Arkin, a 49-year-old woman, was in the midst of grocery shopping at the Sixth Avenue supermarket in October when she was unexpectedly attacked by an assailant, as reported by authorities.

Arkin endured a severe injury to her earlobe, along with having staples in her scalp and removing fragments of glass from her body.

In a lawsuit filed on Wednesday in Manhattan Supreme Court, it is alleged that Whole Foods did not adequately hire, supervise, and train employees responsible for ensuring the safety of shoppers.

The producer and director, based in Harlem, is seeking unspecified damages, stating that she has been left with permanent physical injuries and enduring mental anguish as a result of the attack.

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Howell, who has a record of eight previous offenses, is currently incarcerated on Rikers Island for assault charges.

The criminal case is currently under consideration by the court.

Arkin and her lawyer have chosen not to provide any comments on the matter.

Whole Foods chose not to respond to a message requesting comment.

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