Lawsuit filed against ex-Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill over inmate practices, records reveal

Former Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill is currently facing a new civil lawsuit due to injuries sustained by detainees under his supervision at the Clayton County Jail.

Peterkin suffered multiple injuries as a result of the actions taken by the sheriff’s office and staff members of CorrectHealth Clayton, LLC, according to the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, the CorrectHealth staff, who were present during the incident, failed to take any action to assist him, despite having the authority to do so.

Upon entering the jail, Peterkin was immediately ordered by Hill to be bound in a restraint chair, even though he did not exhibit any threatening actions towards himself or others. This went against the requirement for placement in the restraint chair.

According to the lawsuit, he endured at least four hours of being confined to the chair, leading to “intense pain and permanent scarring.”

Hill violated Peterkin’s rights, along with those of five other inmates. He was convicted in federal court in October 2022, and the court upheld the conviction on April 29.

Peterkin is taking legal action against Hill and CorrectHealth Clayton, seeking compensation for damages and lawyer’s fees.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court on May 3.

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