Lawn company owner in South Fulton claims all his equipment was stolen during daylight hours

In a shocking incident, thieves struck in broad daylight and managed to steal all the equipment belonging to a lawn company owner in South Fulton. The unfortunate incident left the owner devastated and facing significant losses.

They are now cautioning others to take measures to safeguard themselves.

“It’s really disturbing to think that they were watching me,” expressed Whitney Nash, reflecting on the recent theft at his residence in South Fulton.

Nash departed from his residence on a Tuesday morning for a quick trip to Walmart. Within a few minutes, the surveillance cameras at his house recorded the arrival of a truck that pulled into his driveway.

Whitney expressed astonishment as she recounted the incident, “They arrived swiftly, and within just two and a half minutes, it vanished. As I reviewed the footage, I noticed that everyone passing by noticed it but remained unaware of the criminal act taking place.”

A video captured from his home reveals two men on a truck taking away his trailer filled with his equipment.

When Whitney came back from Walmart, he was shocked to discover that his trailer had disappeared.

He followed the stolen trailer to the cameras positioned down the street, observed the direction the thieves took, and even managed to identify what he believes was a second car acting as a lookout…all in a bid to catch a glimpse of the license plate.

However, he is also worried about his business vanishing just like his equipment.

According to Nash, the top priority at the moment is to recover the equipment as soon as possible in order to protect the clients.

According to Nash, he donates his service to elderly residents and is currently facing insurance coverage that only compensates a fraction of the losses.

He has currently started a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe to raise money.

In Decatur, a landscaper from DeKalb County recently experienced the theft of his equipment. Unfortunately, this incident is not an isolated case, as similar occurrences have been reported in Gwinnett County and Carroll County as well.

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