Lauren Boebert excluded from special election in 4th Congressional District

Colorado is set to hold a special election in June to replace Republican Rep. Ken Buck, who will be resigning from his position as the state’s 4th Congressional District representative in the U.S. House of Representatives. Rep. Lauren Boebert has confirmed that she will not be running as a candidate in the upcoming election.

Colorado Republican congresswoman, Lauren Boebert, made an announcement on Wednesday stating that she will not be running in the special election. Instead, she intends to fulfill her current term in Congress. Boebert currently represents Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District and is a candidate for the upcoming general election in November, where she aims to replace Buck in CD4.

Buck will be leaving Congress on March 22, and his seat will remain vacant until late June. To fill the empty seat, Governor Jared Polis has called for a special election on June 25. This date coincides with Colorado’s primary elections for House races. The purpose of the special election is to select a representative who will serve in Congress and represent CD3 for the remainder of Buck’s term.

In a prepared statement, Boebert expressed her commitment to her current seat and her determination to uphold the priorities of her constituents. She stated, “I will not further endanger the already slim House Republican majority by resigning. Instead, I will continue to work hard and deliver on the needs of my constituents, while also striving to earn the support of the people in Colorado’s 4th District who are eager for a true conservative voice.” Boebert took the opportunity to critique Buck’s choice to step down from office.

Boebert pointed out that Buck’s decision would lead to the elected Congressman or Congresswoman becoming a “lame duck… on day one.” This is because they would serve in the role for less than a year unless they also run for the seat in November’s general election and emerge victorious.

Colorado has experienced a similar special election in the past, which occurred when Rep. Jack Swigert was elected but unfortunately passed away. Consequently, the constituents of Congressional District 6 elected Rep. Daniel Schaefer to fulfill the remainder of Swigert’s term.

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