Late stage trial of Moderna’s COVID-flu vaccine shows robust immunity in elderly population

In a late-stage clinical trial, Moderna found that its combination flu and COVID vaccine elicited a robust immune response in older adults. The immune response levels were similar to those observed when the flu and COVID vaccines were administered separately.

Before the vaccine shot from Moderna becomes available, there are still several steps that need to be taken. Moderna will need to request approval from the FDA, which may also require feedback from the FDA’s independent panel of experts. In addition, the shot will need to be given the green light by the CDC before it can be made available to the public.

Around 8,000 adults participated in a clinical trial that compared the combo vaccine to the already approved flu and COVID vaccines. The study included an equal number of participants aged 65 and older and those aged 50 to 64. Since older adults are more susceptible to severe respiratory illnesses, including hospitalization and death, the trial focused on this high-risk group.

Last season, the CDC recommended that all individuals aged six months and older should receive a flu shot and an updated COVID shot. This fall, the CDC is expected to release new recommendations for both vaccines. Although each vaccine can be administered separately during a single visit, some patients may prefer a combination shot.

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