LASD Seeks Suspect Who Stabbed Man In Wheelchair In Bellflower

Mocobizscene- A man who was sitting in his wheelchair and got stabbed is now sharing his story about the brazen attack that was caught on surveillance video in Bellflower. The attacker is still at large, and the victim is determined to bring him to justice.

Michael Olson, a man born without limbs, relies on an electric wheelchair to move around. According to his account, he was on Artesia Boulevard last month when the assault occurred.

Olson expressed her surprise, stating, “I was completely caught off guard,” during an interview with NBC4.

Shocked and bewildered, Olson wasted no time in heading back home. Once his wounds had healed, he took it upon himself to track down any potential witnesses. However, his efforts yielded little success, with the only evidence he managed to gather being the surveillance footage recorded by his neighbor’s camera.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is currently conducting an investigation into the incident, treating it as a double felony that includes assault with a deadly weapon.

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