Kyle Marisa Roth, a popular TikTok influencer, passes away at the age of 36

Popular TikTok creator, Kyle Marisa Roth, known for her discussions on controversial Hollywood blind items, has unfortunately passed away at the age of 36.

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Lindsay Roth took to social media on Monday to share the sad news of her sister’s passing. In her announcement, she revealed that her sister had passed away last week, although the cause of death was not disclosed.

Lindsay Roth recently expressed her family’s ongoing process of grieving and determining how to commemorate and celebrate the life of a loved one. In an Instagram post, she acknowledged the profound impact her family member had on numerous individuals through her remarkable qualities such as her humor, intelligence, beauty, commitment to activism, athletic abilities, and many other unique gifts.

Lindsay Roth expressed her condolences, saying, “I am deeply sorry for those who are just learning about this loss. We welcome any prayers, thoughts, blessings, or well-wishes for the smooth transition of this soul.”

Roth’s mother, Jacquie Cohen Roth, also expressed her heartfelt condolences for the TikTok star in a touching post on LinkedIn. She shared, “This platform is not typically used for personal matters, but many of my connections here go back years, and I have a heartbreaking loss to announce. My daughter Kyle has passed away. She had a profound impact on the lives of some of you personally, as well as through her significant presence on another platform. Kyle lived her life with passion and intensity. Everything feels incomprehensible right now, and we hope to gain more understanding in the coming days. Let’s remember to be kind to one another during this difficult time.”

Roth gained fame on TikTok with over 175,000 followers as she shared her thoughts on celebrity gossip and entertainment news. Her videos often began with her popular catchphrase, “You want more? I’ll give you more.”

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