KU students establish pro-Palestinian encampment, vow unwavering dedication

On Wednesday, students at the University of Kansas kicked off their multi-day, pro-Palestinian encampment right in front of Fraser Hall.

Amidst ongoing protests by college students across the nation advocating for Palestinian human rights in the wake of the Gaza conflict, this development emerges.

“We won’t stop until we hear from KU about the terrible events unfolding in Palestine,” stated protestor Mya, determinedly.

The Students for Justice in Palestine chapter at KU expressed their lack of support from the university. In fact, they took action by sending a letter to the administration on Wednesday morning, outlining four specific demands.

“I feel unsafe as I walk on campus. It’s disheartening that this campus doesn’t support Palestinian students,” expressed Jen, a third-year student. “I wish they would simply acknowledge our presence.”

Jen revealed that she has been facing escalated harassment in the past few months. Due to this distressing situation, she preferred not to disclose her last name to avoid any potential retaliation.

Jen expressed that her primary concern lies with her loved ones residing in the West Bank and Gaza, despite facing her own challenges.

“I have a purpose for being here and not elsewhere. Therefore, I must utilize my platform, privilege as an American citizen, and exercise my First Amendment rights to advocate for my fellow brothers and sisters in Palestine,” expressed Jen.

Dozens of students gathered on the front lawn of Fraser Hall, united in solidarity. Within the crowd, there were students who had come to witness a historic moment.

John Pleming, a teacher’s assistant in American Studies, emphasized the ongoing nature of these movements and the need for critical thinking regardless of which side one finds themselves on.

Pleming decided to bring some of his students to the encampment in order to provide them with a firsthand experience of the movements they had been studying in class.

Evan Wickoren belonged to the group of students who possessed exceptional qualities.

“I believe many of us are beginning to notice the flaws in the system, and we feel compelled to speak out,” Wickoren expressed. “We are all striving to contribute towards creating a more positive world, and this is their way of making a difference.”

Jen, a Palestinian student who has personal connections to the conflict, urges the rest of the student body to empathize with Palestinians. She encourages them to put themselves in the shoes of Palestinians and understand their experiences.

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