Kobe Bryant’s father puts his 2000 Lakers NBA Championship ring up for sale

Kobe Bryant’s father, Joe Bryant, is currently auctioning off the replica NBA championship ring that the basketball legend had ordered for him after winning his first league title with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2000. The listing, available on the auction website Goldin, features a size 11.5, 14-karat gold band adorned with over 40 diamonds, and the current bid stands at over $140,000 as of Thursday night. Bidding for the ring will continue until March 30.

The listing highlights the significance of the ring, stating that Kobe ordered an extra copy of the magnificent ring he received to present it as a special gift to his father, Joe Bryant. Acquired directly from the Bryant family, this ring is truly one-of-a-kind, serving as the only championship ring ever given by Kobe to his father. To further authenticate its value, the ring comes with a letter of authentication from Kobe’s mother, Pam Bryant.

While the reasons behind Joe Bryant’s decision to sell the ring remain unclear, it is worth noting that Kobe had a troubled relationship with his parents for several years prior to his tragic death in a helicopter crash in 2020.

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