King Charles III set to make public appearance following cancer diagnosis

King Charles III is set to make his first public appearance in months this Sunday. Buckingham Palace officials have announced that he, alongside Queen Camilla, will attend an Easter service at Windsor Castle.

In February, Charles received a cancer diagnosis and has been undergoing treatment since then. Consequently, he has refrained from making any significant public appearances.

According to The Associated Press, officials have stated that the Sunday event at St. George’s Chapel will be smaller than usual and will feature members of the royal family.

Days after Kate, the Princess of Wales, made her announcement about being diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and undergoing treatment, it has been confirmed that she and Prince William will not be attending the event scheduled for this coming Sunday.

Buckingham Palace made an announcement in the early part of last month, revealing that Charles had been diagnosed with cancer. The cancer was actually discovered during a separate procedure for his prostate. Following the diagnosis, Charles’s doctors advised him to temporarily postpone any public events so that he could focus on receiving treatment.

The statement mentioned that during this period, His Majesty will continue to carry out State business and official paperwork as usual.

According to officials cited by the AP, Charles has been consistently holding weekly meetings with U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and is actively involved in state affairs.

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