Kevin Bacon Makes Surprise Visit to “Footloose” High School for Last Prom

Bacontopayson was a massive success as Kevin Bacon made his triumphant return to the Utah High School, which was the setting for his popular film, Footloose.

Students at Payson High School had a shared mission for months: to bring actor Kevin Bacon back to their school. They had three compelling reasons driving their efforts. Firstly, the school is set to close its doors permanently at the end of the 2024 school year. Secondly, the movie that made Bacon famous, Footloose, reached a significant milestone this year by celebrating its 40th anniversary. And last but not least, it’s Kevin Bacon himself, a renowned actor who continues to captivate audiences.

In an effort to persuade Kevin to come and visit, students have taken to social media to share videos using the hashtag #bacontopayson and have made a commitment to support the actor’s nonprofit organization,

During a mass assembly, Kevin heard their pleas and took action. He made an announcement, revealing his plans to attend prom day. True to his word, he fulfilled his promise over the weekend.

Students eagerly gathered to meet Kevin Bacon as he toured the school, engaging in delightful conversations, capturing memorable selfies, and eagerly seeking his autograph. The atmosphere was electric as they stood on the football field, captivated by his anecdotes and nostalgic recollections of filming the iconic movie “Footloose” back in 1984.

“I must admit, there have been some noticeable changes around here,” he confided. “But I must say, the most significant change can be seen in me.”

“When I initially learned about this incredible #BaconToPayson campaign, I was genuinely astonished. However, your relentless determination and unwavering enthusiasm convinced me to reconsider,” Kevin expressed. “It’s truly remarkable to witness such unwavering dedication towards a cause.”

The school district has made the decision to demolish Payson High School once the current spring classes conclude. A new building is currently being constructed, and students will attend classes there starting next year. However, Payson Principal Jesse Sorenson has announced that one unique item from the movie Footloose will be preserved and relocated to the new school—the locker that Kevin Bacon used in the film. This iconic locker will be showcased in the Hall of Fame as a tribute to Bacon’s impact on the school’s dance policy.

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