Kevin Bacon and His Family Perform Another Outdoor Concert, Entertain Alpacas with a 90s Hit

Kevin Bacon and his family band achieved another social media milestone by performing a cover of a 90s hit for an enthusiastic audience of alpacas!

The star of “Footloose,” Kevin Bacon, has a delightful habit of hosting concerts for his beloved animals who reside on his farm in Connecticut. On occasion, both Kevin and his wife, Kira Sedgwick, will rock out for their adorable pigs or serenade their charming miniature ponies. Moreover, they have been known to showcase their dance skills for their beloved horses, creating captivating shows. This demonstrates the deep bond and affection Kevin has for his furry friends.

During the latest barnyard concert, the Bacon family performed a cover of Filter’s “Take A Picture” specifically for their resident alpacas. Surprisingly, the animals displayed a keen interest in the performance.

Kevin, Kyra, Sosie, and their son Travis teamed up with family friend Angelina Sambrotto to put on a performance of the single in their barn. Travis skillfully played the guitar, while Kevin and Kyra provided the rhythmic beats on the bongo and banjo respectively. Angelina showcased her musical talents by playing the handbells, and together, the five of them harmonized and sang the heartfelt lyrics. As the performance unfolded, the curious alpacas gathered around, captivated by the melodic sounds filling the air.

Fans Can’t Get Enough Of Kevin Bacon’s Sweet, Musical Family

Kevin Bacon revealed in his caption that the alpacas are typically a tough crowd, but the video he shared was a rare sighting of them actually getting the alpacas’ attention. It seems that the goats are their biggest supporters, as Kevin Bacon has mentioned in previous posts.

“I love you all,” a fan expressed in the comments with immense admiration. “You have this incredible ability to make me feel like I belong to your family, even though we have never crossed paths. It’s truly remarkable.”

Another follower expressed their enthusiasm, stating, “Starting my Friday morning this way was absolutely fantastic!”

A fan expressed their affection, stating, “You guys are amazing! Your videos never fail to bring a smile to my face!”

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