Kentucky’s Poet Laureate celebrates an Appalachian mother as her special day approaches

In a matter of days, mothers all across Kentucky will be celebrated for their invaluable contributions. The Poet Laureate of Kentucky shares his insights on the acknowledgement of an Appalachian mother.

Silas House, a renowned author and poet, expressed that he can only offer insights into his personal Appalachian family experience near Corbin. His mother, Betty, has been a resident of this community for approximately five decades. According to House, it is important to acknowledge that there is no definitive formula for understanding motherhood.

According to House, Mother’s Day is an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate all the different ways in which people care and nurture others, regardless of their specific role or form of motherhood.

House expressed his struggles in persuading his mother to relax and allow others to take care of things. He will be returning to his hometown in southeast Kentucky on Sunday.

In Appalachia, the perception of male-headed households may be common among those living outside the region. However, in reality, it is more likely to find mothers assuming the role of leaders in these households.

According to House, women play a crucial role in preserving and sharing stories within Appalachian culture. In his experience, it is often the women in families who have the final say and hold the utmost respect.

House reflects on the valuable life lessons his mother imparted to him – the importance of hard work and loving deeply. He acknowledges that it hasn’t been easy for his mother to let others take charge on her special day. According to House, the only moments she remains at rest are when it involves her grandchildren or attending church. However, he also mentions that she now takes pleasure in spending more time on her porch.

Let’s dive deeper into the world of Kentucky Poet Laureate Silas House:

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