Judge warns Trump’s lawyers to comply with rulings regarding hush money

In the hush money case, Judge Juan Merchan issued a warning to former President Trump’s lawyers, advising them to comply with the court’s decisions.

“The Court wants to make it clear to the lawyers that it encourages and appreciates their passionate advocacy and innovative approach,” stated Merchan.

The Court, however, also anticipates these advocates to display the appropriate respect and decorum that is owed to the courts and its judicial officers. It is crucial to remember that they are officers of the court. In addition, counsel is reminded to comply with the Court’s orders. Judge Smith further emphasized his authority to impose criminal contempt penalties.

At the conclusion of the judge’s comprehensive four-page ruling, a stern warning was issued, dismissing Trump’s plea to remove the condition of seeking permission before filing new motions before the trial.

Merchan implemented the requirement on March 8, presenting it as a strategy to streamline the case and handle Trump’s last-minute attempts to delay his trial more efficiently.

The judge on Tuesday accused Trump’s lawyers of trying to “circumvent” the new requirement. They filed one of their proposed motions as an exhibit to their letter seeking permission before Merchan signed off.

The court underscored the importance of passionate advocacy from both attorneys and individuals involved in the case. Judge Merchan expressed the hope for spirited contributions and strong representation. However, it was made clear that there is a line that should not be crossed – a line that separates passionate advocacy from willful disregard of the court’s orders.

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