Judge Judy Criticizes Liberal District Attorneys, Accusing Them of Destructing Cities

Judge Judy is expressing her strong disapproval of liberal D.A.’s, accusing them of endangering the safety of the United States of America.

According to America’s renowned jurist, she has a clear understanding of the reasons behind the rise in crime rates. She asserts that when society begins to rationalize and justify criminal behavior, the very foundation of our system crumbles.

According to her, liberal D.A.’s are using the offender’s background as an excuse for crimes, which has resulted in a situation where individuals with bad intentions are being rewarded.

She argues that cities like Portland, San Francisco, and New York City have been “ruined” by liberal district attorneys.

According to Her Honor, she strongly opposes New York’s revision that prohibits minors from being tried as adults. She emphasizes the severity of the situation by providing an example: “Imagine if you have a family member, like a 65-year-old mother, innocently walking to the grocery store when suddenly, for no apparent reason, someone brutally attacks her with a steel pipe and takes her life. And if that perpetrator happens to be 17 years old, they should never be granted the freedom to roam the streets again. Society cannot afford to take such risks.”

Judy, in her usual straightforward manner, emphasizes the gravity of taking someone’s life regardless of age. She firmly states, “Whether you’re 18 or 17, the result is the same – you have caused someone’s death. And if you’re 17 and commit murder, you shouldn’t be grouped with 12-year-olds in a juvenile facility.”

Judy highlights a range of factors that have been used to justify individuals’ involvement in criminal activities. She emphasizes, “Growing up in a challenging environment, lacking parental support, or even having a history of mental illness, drug or alcohol abuse can be cited as reasons for their behavior. However, it’s important to remember that these factors should never serve as excuses for engaging in misconduct.”

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