Johnny Hollman’s Family and Lawyers React to Nearly $4 Million Settlement Following His Death

Both the city’s Mayor and Johnny Hollman’s family express gratitude for the settlement reached following the deacon’s untimely demise.

The Atlanta City Council unanimously approved the deal and expressed their determination to move forward despite the loss of the deacon, father, and grandfather.

In August 2023, Hollman found himself on the ground, Tased, as a result of a dispute over a traffic citation.

The death of Hollman sparked protests and a strong demand for transparency.

After months of anticipation, his family finally received the long-awaited body camera footage. They wasted no time in taking legal action against the officer, Atlanta’s police chief, and the city itself.

Family attorney Mawuli Davis stated that although the chief, city council, and the mayor did not physically handle the taser, their influence and involvement were undeniable.

On Monday, the city reached an agreement to pay a settlement of $3.8 million in the case.

According to former DeKalb County district attorney Robert James, cities and corporations do not distribute money unless there is a considerable level of risk associated with it.

James is well-versed in these kinds of settlements.

According to him, there are ongoing discussions regarding the potential losses that the city could incur, which extend beyond just financial implications.

According to James, there are two types of revenue that cities should consider: financial and reputational. It’s not just about the dollars and cents, but also about the impact on a city’s reputation.

Following the settlement, Mayor Andre Dickens issued a statement, expressing his thoughts on the matter. In his statement, he mentioned,

Dickens expressed his continued sympathy for the Hollman family, acknowledging that nothing can undo the tragedy they have endured. However, he emphasized that his main focus was to ensure that the family could find some semblance of closure as quickly as possible.

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