John Krasinski Becomes Emotional Recounting Life-Altering Encounter With Steve Carell

John Krasinski and Steve Carell, who co-starred in the hit TV show “The Office,” had a complex relationship on-screen. However, off-screen, the two actors are incredibly supportive of each other. Krasinski shared a heartwarming interaction with Carell during an interview with CBS Mornings. In a touching video posted on social media, Krasinski reminisced about the special moment between them.

In the video, John Krasinski shares that he had a specific actor in mind while creating a character for his new movie, “IF.” He reveals that he envisioned Steve Carell in the role and even imagined his former co-star’s voice while writing the dialogue. Despite his uncertainty about whether Carell would accept the role, Krasinski was pleasantly surprised by the actor’s reaction to the script, which exceeded his expectations.

John Krasinski walked into the room with a big smile on his face. He was expecting a lighthearted moment shared between friends. However, when he approached, the other person embraced him tightly, looking at him with the affection of a brother. In that heartfelt moment, the person expressed their immense pride in John, leaving a lasting impression.

Carell expressed his admiration for the new script, emphasizing his appreciation for the writing and directing skills of the other actor.

Krasinski confessed, “I couldn’t help but cry.”

During their time working together on “The Office,” Carell and Krasinski formed a unique bond, which is why Carell’s approval held significant importance.

“It held immense significance because it represented family,” he expressed. “You understand what I’m saying? That television series, ‘The Office,’ is like family.”

It’s always an incredible feeling to receive positive feedback, especially when it comes from someone you truly admire and hold in high regard. John Krasinski must be overjoyed to have Steve Carell lending his voice to the character Blue in his latest film, “IF.”

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