Joe Rogan Guest Taken Into Custody After Head Found in Freezer

A criminal justice reform activist was arrested on Thursday, only one month after appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience, following the discovery of a decapitated skull in an apartment freezer.

Josh Dubin, the executive director of the Perlmutter Center for Legal Justice, introduced Sheldon Johnson, a 48-year-old youth counselor for the Queens Defenders who served 25 years in prison for attempted murder and robbery, as “a marvelous human being” who had suffered injustice from “the system” on the Joe Rogan Experience in February.

Johnson was also spotted shaking hands with Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan District Attorney.

However, less than a year after being released from prison, Johnson was caught in New York on Thursday when police discovered a decapitated head in an apartment freezer and a torso in a dumpster.

The victim, 44-year-old Collin Small, was incarcerated with Johnson and “may have had a beef” with him, according to the New York Post.

Neighbors reportedly heard Small pleading for his life on Tuesday evening before several gunshots were fired.

Following the event, Johnson was spotted carrying cleaning goods and a blue bin to the flat where Small’s remains were discovered, then leaving in a blonde wig.

When the segment featuring Johnson aired, Rogan drew criticism from fans, who accused him and Dubin of downplaying Johnson’s violent criminal history.

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