Jimmy Kimmel’s recent visit to Japan leads him to describe the US as a ‘dirty and repulsive nation’

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    • Jimmy Kimmel now thinks the US is gross after he visited the bathrooms in Japan.
    • “We are like hogs compared to the Japanese,” Kimmel said Tuesday during his show.
    • The late-night star said he recently took his family on a seven-day trip to the country.

According to Jimmy Kimmel, the popular late-night host, his experience of observing hygiene standards in Japan completely transformed his perception of cleanliness in the United States. He confessed that upon returning home, he had never felt dirtier in his own country.

During an episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Tuesday evening, Kimmel shared that he held the belief that the United States was relatively strict and well-organized, with room for improvement, prior to embarking on a week-long family vacation in Japan.

“After my trip to Japan, I came to a stark realization: our beloved USA, the country we so often praise, is in fact a grimy and repulsive place,” he exclaimed.

Kimmel was particularly impressed by the bathrooms in Japan, stating that he was blown away by their design and functionality.

According to Kimmel, he was amazed by the cleanliness of the bathrooms in Tokyo and Kyoto. He even went as far as comparing them to the operating rooms in his own country, stating that they were even cleaner.

The TV star praised the bathrooms at Japanese truck stops, describing them as “impeccably clean, even cleaner than Jennifer Garner’s teeth.”

“It feels as if the entire country is Disneyland, and here we are, living at Six Flags. I’ve only been back for 36 hours, but I’ve never felt more grimy,” he expressed.

Kimmel was amazed at the responsible behavior of Tokyo residents. Despite the absence of public trash cans, which had been removed by local authorities after the 1995 sarin gas attacks, he noticed that people didn’t litter.

“They say, ‘No more trash cans. Everyone needs to clean up after themselves.’ And you know what? They actually do,” Kimmel exclaimed.

“We Americans are like hogs compared to the Japanese. I can’t even begin to imagine what they must think of us,” remarked Kimmel. “Oh, those garbage people. Yes, the Americans. Garbage. Yes.”

Public bathrooms in Japan have garnered a lot of attention from tourists due to their fascinating features. These toilets are equipped with automatic bidets, heated seats, pulse sensors, and even sound systems to mask the noise of flushing. A prime example of this innovation is seen in 2019 when a toll operator on the Central Nippon Expressway installed public toilets capable of measuring driver fatigue.

Japan has gained international recognition for its emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene. This was evident during the 2022 FIFA World Cup when the Japanese national team garnered attention by diligently cleaning their dressing room after their surprising 2-1 victory over Germany.

During the same tournament, FIFA commended Japanese fans for their admirable act of cleaning up the local stadium after witnessing their matches.

Kimmel recently joined the ranks of the millions of tourists flocking to Japan for a vacation. Many believe that the tourism boom in Japan is being driven by a weak yen, as government data reveals that tourists spent a staggering $35.9 billion in 2023.

Monthly visitor arrivals in Japan surged to 2.78 million in February, exceeding the levels seen in 2019. The tourism industry in Japan is optimistic about this robust recovery from the COVID-19 health crisis.

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