Jill Stein, Presidential Candidate, Arrested Following Altercation with Police at Wash University Protest Camp

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and her deputy campaign manager were arrested over the weekend following a confrontation with police at the Washington University student protest “encampment.” The protest aimed to bring attention to the school’s alleged connections with Boeing, a company that activists claim supports “genocide” through its business ties with Israel.

Stein was arrested at the encampment, as she confirmed to multiple media outlets. In an interview with KSDK News following the incident, she expressed her belief that 2024 opponents President Joe Biden, former president Donald Trump, and independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. are “pro-war, pro-genocide candidates.”

You know, it just it just felt like we have to stand up and call this out. And, you know, that that’s what our campaign will continue to do. We are doing this election to ensure that the American people have a choice in the voting booth. That we’re not just going to be presented with actually, three pro-war, pro-genocide candidates between Donald Trump, Joe Biden and RFK, who pretends to be a peace candidate but who is all for, basically the abuses of the Israeli government and makes no bones about it.

More than 80 protesters were apprehended during the weekend’s Washington University protest. This demonstration was part of a larger wave of pro-Palestine and anti-Israel protests taking place at various colleges and universities nationwide.

Numerous protests have included messages and statements that promote antisemitism, which has led to condemnations from various sources such as faculty members, congress members, and even the White House.

On Sunday, at UCLA, the “solidarity encampment” protesters took things to a violent level by crossing a barrier and seizing a portion of the area where a pro-Israel rally, which had been granted permission, was being held. As a result, officials reported multiple altercations and scuffles occurring.

According to a recent CNN poll, Stein is currently polling at approximately 3% in a five-way race. The poll also shows that Trump is leading Biden by 6 points.

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