Jerry Seinfeld Claims TV Comedy Is Dying Due to Overbearing Political Correctness and Concerns about Offense

Jerry Seinfeld, in an interview with The New Yorker, expressed his views on the state of television comedy and the impact of “P.C. crap” and the “extreme left.” According to Seinfeld, the changing landscape of comedy has led to a decline in viewership. He believes that the era of audiences eagerly tuning in to their television sets for their comedy fix, which lasted for decades, is now a thing of the past.

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“Comedy remains unaffected, regardless of external factors. People have an inherent need for it, and when they are deprived of it, it becomes even more desirable,” Seinfeld explained. He reminisced about a time when people would come home after a long day and eagerly tune in to shows like “Cheers,” “MASH,” “Mary Tyler Moore,” or “All in the Family” for a good laugh. However, he lamented, such comedic content seems to be disappearing today. Seinfeld attributed this decline to the influence of the extreme left and excessive political correctness, which has resulted in people being overly concerned about offending others.

Comedy fans, according to Seinfeld, now choose to attend stand-up comedy shows because they feel no external control over the content. Instead, it is the audience that holds the power to police the performers. Stand-up comedians are acutely aware of when they veer off track and are quick to adjust their act accordingly. However, when it comes to writing a script for television or film, the process involves multiple individuals, committees, and groups, each offering their input and opinions. Seinfeld believes that this collaborative approach hampers the comedic essence of the script, as it dilutes the original humor and compromises its impact.

“We once featured an episode of ‘Seinfeld’ in the 90s where Kramer decides to start a business involving homeless people pulling rickshaws. His rationale was that since they were already outside, why not utilize their presence? However, if we were to air that episode today, I highly doubt it would make it past the censors. Times have changed, and with it, our sense of humor. We would approach the situation differently, crafting a new joke that aligns with the current cultural climate. It’s like navigating a slalom course where the gates keep shifting. As creators, our task is to remain agile and witty, adapting to wherever the gates may be placed.”

According to Seinfeld, stand-up comedians are the ones who truly have the freedom to push boundaries in comedy today. He believes that television networks are no longer interested in creating content that might offend or upset the politically correct crowd.

Jerry Seinfeld believes that the movie business has lost its dominance in the cultural hierarchy. He claims that film no longer occupies the pinnacle of cultural importance. According to Seinfeld, a sense of disorientation has replaced the once prominent status of movies.

Jerry Seinfeld has been making the rounds in the press, discussing his upcoming Netflix movie “Unfrosted” and sharing his candid opinions on the current state of Hollywood. In a recent interview with GQ magazine, he boldly declared that “the movie business is over.”

According to him, the role of film in society and culture has changed significantly. In the past, when a good movie was released, everyone would go watch it, discuss it, and even quote their favorite lines and scenes. However, things are different now. With the abundance of content available, it feels like we’re constantly being bombarded with new movies, making it challenging to keep up and truly appreciate each one.

“What has replaced film?” I asked. Seinfeld paused for a moment, contemplating his response. Finally, he replied, “Depression? Malaise? I would say confusion. The movie business has been replaced by a sense of disorientation.” He went on to explain that everyone he knows in show business is constantly grappling with questions like, “What’s going on? How do you navigate this new landscape? What are we supposed to do now?” It’s a state of uncertainty that has gripped the industry.

“Unfrosted” will be available for streaming on Netflix starting May 3. For the complete interview with Seinfeld, visit The New Yorker’s website.

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