Jared Moscowitz Compiles Heartwarming Supercut of James Comer’s Feud

On the House floor, Representative Jared Moscowitz, a Democrat from Florida, playfully ribbed his Republican colleague, Congressman James Comer from Kentucky, about their somewhat tumultuous “relationship.” Moscowitz remarked that he will actually miss Comer when Congress goes into recess.

“The Biden impeachment may be over, but my bond with Comer remains strong. James, I’ll miss our time together during recess,” Moscowitz expressed on Thursday, showcasing a heartfelt video compilation of their memorable exchanges on the House floor. The montage captures instances where Comer playfully referred to Moscowitz as “a Smurf” and “little Moscowitz,” all set against the romantic backdrop of Lionel Richie’s timeless ballad, “Hello.”

A week ago, Moscowitz and Comer engaged in a heated exchange during a late-night meeting of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform. It is worth mentioning that Moscowitz serves on the committee that Comer chairs.

“Welcome to ‘Oversight After Dark’,” Moscowitz exclaimed. He added, “If you’re already a fan of James Comer at 11:00 in the morning, you’re going to absolutely adore him at 8:30 p.m.” This quote was featured in the Democrat’s captivating and somewhat romantic video, which they shared on various social media platforms.

The committee’s hearing was rescheduled to Thursday, May 16, in the evening due to the ongoing hush money trial of Donald Trump in New York, according to Moscowitz.

During the hearing today, members were given the opportunity to travel to New York and attend the Trump hearing. The Democrat inquired about Trump’s well-being, expressing concern that he had complained about feeling chilly in the courtroom. The Democrat posed a series of questions, asking whether it was indeed chilly in the courtroom.

Moscowitz shifted the focus to the GOP-led committee’s ongoing efforts to impeach Joe Biden, which is currently lacking the necessary votes to pass through the full House of Representatives. In response to Republicans praising the former president, Moscowitz has been consistently mocking Comer’s investigation of President Biden, thereby bringing their complicated relationship into the limelight.

Moscowitz’s and Comer’s offices were contacted by Newsweek via phone on Friday, outside of regular working hours.

In March, the Democratic congressman challenged Republicans to pass a motion to advance the impeachment inquiry to the full House of Representatives and even took the initiative to call the motion himself. However, his motion did not receive the support of Republicans in the committee. As a result, Moscowitz accused them of conducting a sham inquiry against the president and his family, with no end in sight.

During the committee’s hearing on March 20, Moscowitz expressed his firm stance, suggesting, “Let’s proceed with the impeachment. Why prolong the expenditure of taxpayers’ money if we already believe that the President has committed a high crime or misdemeanor? What is there to wait for?”

According to a report by CNN in April, Comer expressed his frustration with the impeachment inquiry into Biden, stating that he was “done with” it. The investigation had been ongoing for over 15 months, but failed to produce any substantial evidence supporting its key allegations.

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