Iowa DOT comes to the rescue by finding a lost ring and saving a Kansas company’s anniversary celebration

You may come across tire fragments or other debris along the Iowa interstates. However, it’s quite unusual to stumble upon a carefully placed ring concealed within a box.

According to Johnny Shanahan, the highway maintenance supervisor with the Iowa Department of Transportation, Zachary Ahrens and Jacob Kamerling made an unexpected discovery on Interstate 80 in March.

The DOT’s overnight crew in Coralville includes two highway technician associates who are responsible for clearing debris on the shoulders or in ditches along the interstate.

A remarkable find brought together a ring that was originally meant to commemorate an employee’s 40th anniversary with a company based in Kansas.

Who does the ring belong to?

Shanahan took the initiative to contact the owners using the contact information he found inside the abandoned FedEx package.

“We strive to provide exceptional customer service at the DOT,” he stated, emphasizing the value of assisting individuals in reclaiming their belongings.

Christin Trepkowski, a talent and organizational effectiveness consultant with IBT Industrial Solutions, received an email notifying her that her ring had been found.

Bryan Schroer, the operations support manager, was supposed to receive a special ring to commemorate his 40th anniversary with the company.

“I had no idea it was missing,” she exclaimed. “It was such a shock to me!”

IBT, a distribution company, was founded 75 years ago and is headquartered in Kansas.

Tracie Biggerstaff, senior director of marketing, emphasized the crucial role played by the dedicated team behind the scenes in ensuring the smooth delivery of Amazon packages. “We provide support to the warehouse facility, the drivers, and all the individuals involved in the conveyance and delivery process, as well as the products themselves,” she stated. This support is integral to ensuring the convenience and comfort we experience in our daily lives.

Did the ring get returned?

Sure, here’s the re-written paragraph:

“Yes, and the ring is also in perfect condition,” she added.

IBT’s foundation is rooted in values such as family, work-life balance, and community, according to Biggerstaff.

According to Biggerstaff and Trepkowski, CEO Jeff Cloud, whose grandfather founded the company many years ago, personally presents these rings to employees who have dedicated 40 years to the company.

According to Biggerstaff, in an email, IBT currently employs 395 individuals, with 24% of them having been with the company for over 20 years.

Schroer has been with the company for nearly 30 to 40 years, making him part of the distinguished 10% of staff who have dedicated their careers to the organization.

According to Trepkowski, if IBT had noticed that the ring was missing, they would have placed a new order. However, these custom-made pieces of jewelry typically take around six to eight weeks to produce and deliver. This would have left little time to ensure that the ring arrived in time for Schroer’s anniversary.

The Iowa DOT’s discovery, on the other hand, ensured that there would be no disappointed employees or delayed anniversary ceremonies.

Biggerstaff expressed overwhelming joy whenever they witnessed others embracing the same ethics and values that their company holds dear.

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