Investigation Launched by Tennessee Attorney General into Graceland Foreclosure Case

Tennessee’s highest-ranking law enforcement officer is taking action to investigate allegations of misconduct against the lending company that tried to foreclose on the estate of the renowned musician, Elvis Presley.

TN Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti made an announcement on Thursday that his office is currently investigating Naussany Investments and Private Lending, LLC. This particular company played a significant role in initiating the auctioning off of Graceland. However, the situation took a turn when Elvis’ granddaughter, Riley Keough, came forward and accused the company of fraudulent activities.


In response to the issue, Skrmetti stated that he has instructed his legal team to thoroughly investigate the matter, uncover any wrongdoing that may have taken place, and find ways to safeguard the interests of Elvis Presley’s descendants as well as others who might face similar threats.

According to Naussany, Lisa Marie Presley allegedly took a $3.8 million loan that she never repaid before her passing. The claim suggests that she used Graceland as collateral for the loan.

Riley claimed that her mother’s signatures on the loan paperwork had been forged, and she decided to take the company to court in order to prove it. Priscilla Presley also supported Riley’s claims, dismissing them as a “scam” in a statement given to X.

On Wednesday, a judge blocked the scheduled auction and put a hold on the sale. However, in a surprising turn of events, Naussany suddenly and mysteriously withdrew its claim on Graceland.

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