Interoperability problem resolved by AT&T

In a statement released by the company, AT&T announced that they have resolved the issue of “interoperability” that their customers were facing on Tuesday between different carriers.

“At the time, AT&T received reports from customers about a widespread problem affecting their ability to make calls to non-AT&T users,” stated the company.

Although the company initially reported a nationwide outage, they later clarified that the network was not entirely affected. Nevertheless, there were still some users across the country who experienced problems accessing the network.

AT&T stated that they are making every effort to diagnose and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

During the outage, the company mistakenly sent a “wireless impact notification” to 911 call centers, which they later acknowledged.

AT&T has confirmed that its customers are not affected by any disruptions in the Nationwide 9-1-1 Services. In a statement issued at approximately 5:20 p.m. ET, the company stated that the services are operating normally at this time.

According to a statement posted on X, the Federal Communications Commission is currently investigating reports of consumers in multiple states who are experiencing difficulties placing wireless calls. The FCC expressed its awareness of the situation and assured the public that it is taking active measures to address the issue.

Verizon stated that its network is currently operating without any issues. However, some of its users, primarily located in the Northeast and Midwest regions, are encountering problems when making calls or sending text messages to customers who are served by other carriers.

Several states experienced a temporary disruption in 911 services during the February outage.

An investigation into that incident was initiated by the FCC.

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