Infant named in honor of mother saved from Israeli airstrike while still in the womb

A baby, who was still in her mother’s womb when her mother tragically lost her life in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza’s city of Rafah, is now recovering in a new hospital within the war-torn Palestinian enclave. Despite the devastating loss of her mother Sabreen, as well as her father Shoukri and three-year-old sister Malak, the baby girl named Sabreen Erooh by her aunt is showing signs of resilience. The name Sabreen Erooh translates to “soul of Sabreen,” honoring her late mother.

“We made an attempt to save the patient,” said Dr. Ahmad Fawzi, a doctor at a hospital nearby, during an interview with British broadcaster Sky News. “Upon realizing that she was pregnant, we immediately performed an emergency cesarean section to ensure the safety of the baby. Thankfully, we were able to successfully save the baby.”

The tiny infant was initially given a label on her arm that read, “The baby of the martyr Sabreen al Sakani,” as she didn’t have a name at the time.

According to Sky News, her uncle has taken responsibility for her care moving forward.

According to officials at the nearby Kuwaiti Hospital, at least 22 people, mostly children, were killed in two Israeli strikes on Rafah on Saturday. The first strike claimed the lives of the baby’s family, while the second strike resulted in the deaths of 17 children and a woman.

Umm Kareem, a relative of the family, expressed her anguish over the innocent children who were peacefully sleeping. She questioned their fault and lamented the fate of a pregnant woman, sleeping children, and an elderly aunt of the husband. Umm Kareem wondered if these individuals had launched missiles or caused any harm to anyone. Filled with despair, she stated that they could only confide their grievances to God.

The baby was transferred to the Emirati Hospital from the Kuwaiti Hospital for ongoing treatment.

More than half of the 2.3 million people in Gaza have sought shelter in Rafah to escape the ongoing fighting in other parts of the Gaza Strip. The area has been heavily targeted by Israeli airstrikes, and there are plans to further intensify the ground offensive in order to target Hamas militants who are believed to be hiding in the city. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has emphasized the need to neutralize these combat units.

“We will escalate the political and military pressure on Hamas in the coming days, as it is the sole means to secure the release of our hostages and attain triumph,” declared Netanyahu in a statement on Sunday. “Hamas will soon face more severe and impactful consequences.”

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