Individual who survived the fatal shooting incident at Elleven45 Lounge recounts the harrowing experience with deep emotions.

During an exclusive interview with Channel 2’s Michael Seiden on WSB Tonight at 11 p.m., a college student who survived a fatal mass shooting inside a Buckhead nightclub shared their harrowing experience. The interview was part of Channel 2 Action News’ coverage of the tragic incident.

As she recovers, her heart is heavy with emotion. Holmes became emotional as she recounted the night of fun and celebration she shared with her aunt, Mari Creighton, at the nightclub.

Holmes expressed his sorrowful emotions as he reminisced about his best friend. He deeply regretted that she was no longer present to experience the beauty of life. According to him, she had a charismatic personality that illuminated any room she entered. He further added that she was a kind-hearted person who had a positive impact on everyone she met.

APD confirmed on Thursday that Karanji Reese, 21, has been arrested and is now facing several charges, including murder.

According to a search warrant obtained by Channel 2 Action News, the moments leading up to the fatal shooting have been detailed by detectives. The surveillance video reportedly shows the intended victim, Ridley, approaching the suspect and punching him.

Holmes remains perplexed as to why her aunt and best friend were stopped for the contents of their keychains, yet a firearm was able to make its way into the club, as police continue their investigation.

Holmes expressed her confusion, stating, “They confiscated her mace, but somehow allowed two individuals to enter the club with guns. It just doesn’t make sense to me.”

Records from the Fulton County Jail indicate that he was previously released on bond for charges related to theft and evading police.

In 2021, he faced charges for a shooting incident that occurred outside Cumberland Mall. However, the prosecutors later dropped the charges against him.

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