Individual from Missouri pleads guilty after crashing U-Haul into White House security barrier

In May 2023, Sai Kandula, a 20-year-old man from Missouri, pleaded guilty to intentionally crashing a U-Haul into a security barrier at the White House. Standing at the podium of a federal courtroom in Washington, D.C., wearing an orange jail jumpsuit, Kandula softly admitted his actions were an attempt to seize power at the White House and establish a dictatorship aligned with Nazi beliefs.

Kandula admitted to committing the federal crime of intentionally damaging federal property and is set to receive a suggested prison sentence of 8 years on August 23. CBS News was in attendance during Kandula’s hearing for his plea agreement on Monday, where both prosecutors and the judge mentioned the potential for a terrorism enhancement during his sentencing. The offense carries a maximum prison term of 10 years and a fine of up to $250,000.

The crime took place last May outside the White House, specifically at 16th and H Streets, Northwest. When Kandula was apprehended, he was found in possession of a Nazi flag, as stated in court documents. According to the government’s statement of facts, Kandula expressed his intention to “reach the White House, seize control, and assume leadership of the country.”

According to the statement of facts, Kandula expressed his willingness to seize power by any means necessary, even if it meant “killing the President” and causing harm to anyone who opposed him. He admitted to having spent six months planning for this course of action.

During the court proceedings on Monday, Kandula revealed that he has started taking medication for schizophrenia while being held in pretrial detention. A defense attorney stated that a psychiatric witness will discuss Kandula’s health during the sentencing hearing in August.

According to the Justice Department, the U-Haul crashing into the barrier at the White House resulted in approximately $4,322 worth of damage.

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