Indiana youngster accused of strangling his mother as she tried to evict him

Mocobizscene-  A male, aged 19, is confronted with charges following allegations that he strangled his mother last week, resulting in severe brain damage and her demise days later.

Officers of the Valparaiso Police Department were dispatched to the 1350 block of Diamond Boulevard on Monday, February 5, at approximately 4:00 p.m., in response to multiple dispatch requests for assistance from Conner Kobold. During one of those conversations, Kobold stated, “I need you to dispatch a police car here immediately” before hanging up.

As per court documents examined by WGN-TV, Kobold, who had suffered facial contusions, requested that he be restrained with handcuffs and affixed to the rear seat of a squad vehicle. According to reports from within the police vehicle, Kobold informed an officer, “The house on the corner is occupied by a deceased individual.”

Shanelle Burns, the mother of Kobold, was discovered unresponsive and without a pulse at a nearby residence, where police reportedly discovered him. Kobold was identified by the officers as the primary suspect.

Burns was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment by fire personnel. Wednesday, February 7, two days later, she passed away, according to WGN.

Burns’ injuries, according to hospital personnel, placed her in “grave danger.” She reportedly sustained “significant” brain injury prior to her demise, developed minor ligature wounds on her neck, and had a body temperature of 93 degrees at one point.

Officers allegedly observed the relocation of furniture within the residence, which would indicate the occurrence of a struggle. On Friday, February 9, an autopsy determined Burns died of asphyxiation subsequent to strangulation; her death was subsequently classified as a homicide.

Burns reportedly served her son with an eviction notice prior to the fatal assault on the grounds that he had allegedly disregarded “agreed-upon house rules.”

According to the Porter County Jail, Kobold was initially detained on suspicion of attempted murder, aggravated battery, and strangulation, according to the police. However, jail records indicate that he is now charged with an enhanced offense of homicide.

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