Indiana Junior All-Stars dominate Kentucky in both girls and boys games

Indiana dominated both Junior All-Star games held at Scottsburg’s Meyer Gymnasium on Sunday afternoon. The All-Star week kicked off with the Hoosier team taking home the victory, showcasing their superiority over their Kentucky counterparts.

Indiana girls Junior All-Stars dominate Kentucky

Indiana dominated the game against Kentucky, securing an impressive victory with a final score of 111-76. The team showcased their shooting prowess by making an impressive 52.5% of their field goals, firmly establishing their control over the match.

Maya Makalusky of HSE showcased her scoring prowess by leading Indiana with an impressive 25 points. The game reached its peak excitement when Makalusky swiftly sank four consecutive 3-pointers within a span of just 2 minutes and 14 seconds at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Despite already having 11 points after three quarters, Makalusky continued to exceed expectations, surpassing that mark within the first few minutes of the final period.

Makalusky attributed her improved performance to the support and encouragement from her teammates, particularly the girls. She mentioned how they motivated her and made an effort to get her the ball during the game. Their words of encouragement, like “Come on, you got it. Keep going,” helped boost her confidence. Makalusky also mentioned that she made a conscious effort to contribute in other aspects of the game, such as rebounding, rather than solely focusing on shooting. This change in approach had a positive impact on her overall performance.

Before the avalanche that Makalusky experienced, the atmosphere was defined by the remarkable performances of Jaylah Lampley from Lawrence Central and Meredith Tippner from Noblesville. Together, they contributed 19 points in the first half, leading Indiana to a commanding 21-point lead at halftime. Lampley ultimately scored 23 points, while Tippner contributed 18. Their exceptional play not only showcased their individual talents but also united a group of girls who wouldn’t normally play together, enabling them to surpass the 100-point mark on the scoreboard.

Lampley expressed that they have an excellent rapport with each other, and they enjoy building new connections. Despite working with various individuals and in different settings, they still manage to achieve victories. Lampley believes that this experience will be beneficial at the college level, as they anticipate a similar dynamic.

Lampley, the recent champion of the 4A state championship at LC, showcased her diverse skillset on Sunday. In addition to her impressive scoring, she contributed five rebounds and four assists, displaying her all-around game. This ability to score effectively from various areas on the court is a valuable asset that she aims to carry into her senior year.

Lampley, who has received offers from prestigious schools like IU, Purdue, and several other power conference schools, expressed his determination to maintain his aggressive style of play. Reflecting on his state championship win, he believes that he now carries a sense of purpose to prove himself as one of the top players in Indiana.

The juniors are eagerly anticipating Wednesday night’s game against the senior All-Stars at 6 p.m. in Kokomo’s Memorial Gym. They are excited to have another opportunity to play together and showcase their skills against the older girls.

Makalusky expressed her gratitude for being an Indiana native and having the opportunity to play basketball in her home state. She believes that this is not only a great experience for her personally, but also beneficial for girls basketball as a whole. She thoroughly enjoyed the showout and described it as a fun and exciting event. Makalusky also mentioned the nostalgia of competing against girls she has known since childhood, which added to the enjoyable atmosphere.

Indiana Junior Boys All-Stars dominate, too

In a similar fashion, Indiana dominated the boys game with a commanding 130-103 victory over Kentucky.

Julius Gizzi of New Palestine exhibited exceptional shooting skills, racking up an impressive 27 points with an outstanding 10-of-11 shooting accuracy. His remarkable performance included four successful three-pointers and a consistent ability to find open spaces within the arc.

Gizzi expressed, “The guys were seeking me out. When I made that initial 3-pointer and witnessed it go in, I thought to myself, ‘Just relax and enjoy the game. After all, it’s an All-Star game.'”

Indiana emerged victorious thanks to a collective and balanced performance, as six different players displayed their scoring prowess by reaching double-digit points, while two others came close with nine points each. Remarkably, all 11 active players contributed to the scoreboard, with a minimum of five points each.

Trent Sisley of Heritage Hills expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance, stating that everyone played the game in the right manner. He highlighted the team’s excellent passing and ball-sharing abilities, which resulted in a successful day for all.

Sisley emerged as the standout player in the second half of the boys’ game. The 6-8 forward, who has received offers from IU, Purdue, and Notre Dame, showcased his skills by scoring 15 out of his 20 points in the latter half, effectively widening Indiana’s lead.

Sisley expressed his satisfaction with his performance in the second half, stating, “I just got everything going after hitting a 3-pointer. It was great to see everyone sharing the ball.”

Indiana’s Junior All-Star teams showcased their dominance as they outperformed their Kentucky counterparts on Sunday. Their outstanding performance has now earned them the opportunity to compete against their in-state upperclassmen, as they embark on their final summer of high school.

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