Incredible images capture boat sinking and lightning hitting Statue of Liberty during intense New York storm

Let’s hope that May brings us some beautiful flowers.

Videos taken during this week’s intense coastal storm vividly show the extensive damage caused by the powerful winds and relentless rain in New York City. Upon waking up on Thursday, residents were confronted with a scene of crushed cars, toppled utility poles, and streets cluttered with debris.

Numerous videos circulating on the internet depict the aftermath of the relentless downpour and strong gusts of wind.

During Wednesday afternoon’s torrential rainstorm, a remarkable video captured a boat perilously close to sinking into Sheepshead Bay. The footage showcases the intense and dangerous conditions caused by the heavy rainfall.

A powerful nor’easter wreaks havoc in New York and Boston, unleashing tropical-storm-force wind gusts and burying northern New England under heavy snow.

The vessel, located near Manhattan Beach in Brooklyn, is scarcely visible as it protrudes from beneath the water’s surface, constantly battered by crashing waves from every direction.

A car on West 102nd Street in Manhattan had its trunk mangled when a large tree fell onto it on Wednesday. The road was littered with shattered glass from the car’s rear windscreen.

Severe weather continues to pose a threat in the mid-Atlantic region as a storm system makes its way across the United States.

A stunning sight greeted passersby as they encountered a colossal tree, adorned with exquisite white flowers, that had fallen and blocked the entire road, rendering it impassable for vehicles.

During Wednesday’s storm, incredible photos captured the awe-inspiring moment when lightning seemed to strike the torch of the Statue of Liberty.

⚡️”She’s Electric”⚡️

The passing storm this afternoon lived up to expectations. The Statue of Liberty was struck by a powerful bolt of lightning, creating a breathtaking spectacle. It’s a stunning reminder of the raw power and beauty of nature. #storm #weather #NYC

The fierce weather conditions, with winds reaching speeds of up to 60 mph, also resulted in utility poles in both New York City and the surrounding suburbs swaying precariously in the wind.

In a video captured in Hackettstown, authorities can be seen swiftly responding to a utility pole that was gradually tilting closer to the ground amidst fierce 50 mph winds. The power line swayed precariously as the wind gusts continued to intensify.

Thursday morning left thousands of residents in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut without power due to the destructive storm.

By 8:30 a.m., power outages had affected approximately 22,000 customers in New Jersey and 50,000 customers across New York state, with nearly 12,000 customers in Westchester County experiencing power loss. In Connecticut, over 6,000 customers were also affected by the outages, as reported by

The storm finally subsided by Thursday morning, as reported by the National Weather Service. They mentioned that there will be a few remaining bands of rain, mixed with light snow or mostly light snow inland, continuing throughout the morning.

The agency mentioned that there is a chance of a few showers this afternoon and evening.

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