In secret recording, wife of Supreme Court justice expresses discontent over having to see Pride flag

In a secret recording, Martha-Ann Alito, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, expressed her displeasure at having to see a Pride flag.

At the annual dinner of the Supreme Court Historical Society on June 3, Justice Alito made a comment to Lauren Windsor, who was pretending to be a conservative supporter. This remark has surfaced amidst several controversies involving the conservative Justice and his wife.

According to the recorded conversation, the wife of the justice expressed her desire for a Sacred Heart of Jesus flag, stating, “You know what I want? I want a Sacred Heart of Jesus flag because I have to look across the lagoon at the Pride flag for the next month.”

According to her, when she told her husband that she wanted a Sacred Heart of Jesus flag, he replied with a plea not to put it up.

According to her, he pleaded with her not to raise the flag, to which she agreed out of respect for him. However, she made it clear that once he was free from the situation, she would put up the flag and send a message to the perpetrators every day. She even went as far as stating that she would change the flag every week to ensure that her message was received loud and clear.

In her own words, she expressed her intention to design her own flag, featuring a white background with vibrant yellow and orange flames. The word “shame” would be boldly written in Italian on the flag.

Late on Monday, a secret recording of Alito was made public by Windsor, an individual who identifies as an advocacy journalist and documentary filmmaker.

Windsor has reached out to conservative figures such as ex-Vice President Mike Pence, Ohio Representative Jim Jordan, and Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin in the past. Recently, they posted modified recordings of Justice Alito’s comments, along with another recording from the same evening where Alito stated his agreement with the idea of the US returning to a state of godliness.

During her conversation with Justice Alito, Windsor emphasized the importance of the fight for God in our country. She firmly stated that believers must continue this fight to bring back godliness in our nation.

He responded by saying, “I agree with you,” twice.

Windsor’s statement that there is “no negotiating with the radical left” found agreement from him as well.

At the 2023 dinner organized by the Supreme Court Historical Society, a recording was made public by Windsor wherein Justice Alito expressed his concern about the media eroding the trust of American citizens in the US justice system. He accused the media of this phenomenon.

“He said that it is effortless to blame the media, and he personally holds them accountable for their constant criticism towards them.”

Amid the controversy surrounding several flags placed outside their homes in Virginia and New Jersey, the judge and his wife are now in the spotlight. Recently, recordings have surfaced, adding to the already heated debate.

In January 2021, a report by The New York Times uncovered that Justice Alito’s Virginia residence flew an American flag upside-down. This flag was seen as a symbol used by the “Stop the Steal” movement, which supported Donald Trump’s baseless accusations of election fraud following the 2020 presidential election.

Reports later revealed that Justice Alito had flown an “Appeal to Heaven” flag at his vacation home in New Jersey, a symbol that was also carried by the rioters during the events of January 6th.

Justice Alito attributed the upside-down flag incident to his wife in light of the recent revelations. He explained that it was his wife’s response to a contentious dispute with their former neighbor, Emily Baden. The disagreement apparently involved his wife being subjected to a derogatory term from Baden, which led to the display of the flag.

Baden has challenged this version of events, alleging that Justice Alito may be “outright lying” regarding the specifics of the conversation.

In a recent letter addressed to over 30 members of Congress, Justice Alito expressed his desire to distance himself from the controversy surrounding the flying of an upside-down American flag. He stated that he was unaware of the flag’s presence and took prompt action to remove it once he became aware. However, he faced resistance from his wife who refused to take it down.

In a recent statement, he emphasized that his wife is entitled to exercise her First Amendment rights just like any other citizen. He respects her decisions and autonomy as an individual, despite being his spouse.

According to the judge, he had absolutely no involvement with the “An Appeal to Heaven” flag. He clarified that this flag was just one among the many different flags that his wife has flown over the years. It was simply a part of her wide collection of flags.

According to the author, a variety of flags are commonly displayed by homeowners. These flags range from those expressing gratitude towards veterans, to those representing different colleges or sports teams. Additionally, flags of various states and countries, as well as ones from places that homeowners have visited, are also commonly seen. Seasonal flags and religious flags are also popular choices for homeowners to display.

In his words, “Flying flags is my wife’s thing, not mine.”

During a Supreme Court Historical Society dinner, Ms. Alito was recorded discussing a controversial topic with Windsor. She stated that there are individuals referred to as “feminazis” who believe that her husband should have control over her.

According to the recording, she stated that the “feminazis” believed that her partner should control her, but she vehemently disagreed. She firmly asserted that her partner had never controlled her.

In the recording, Windsor expressed her displeasure to Alito regarding the excessive attention the media was giving to the flags and the question of whether or not he should recuse himself from two January 6-related cases.

Windsor was given some valuable advice by Alito who suggested that instead of getting angry, she should focus on getting even.

During a conversation, Windsor expressed her concern about the persecution faced by Alito due to his religious beliefs. Alito responded by highlighting that she might also target the media in the future.

As a German native, I take great pride in my heritage. If someone were to come after me, I would not hesitate to defend myself. Rest assured, they would feel the consequences. While I may not act on it immediately, eventually, they will know that actions have consequences. As the Bible says, “Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.”

Windsor was told by her that Psalm 27 was her favorite. She confidently declared, “The Lord is my God and my rock. Of whom shall I be afraid? Nobody.”

After Justice Alito’s wife, Martha-Ann, recounted the conversation she had with him, he concurred with her stance that there is no room for negotiation with the radical left.

According to Alito, individuals experience emotions rather than engaging in rational thought. He stated, “They feel, they don’t think.”

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