Identification Made in Fatal Police Shooting in Prince George’s County

Mocobizscene-  The Maryland Office Attorney General has released the identities of the police officer and the man involved in the tragic police shooting incident that took place on February 1 in Suitland, Prince George’s County. The individual who lost their life due to gunfire has been identified as Melvin Jay, a 31-year-old man.

The officer responsible for firing the weapon has been identified as Officer Braxton Shelton of the Prince George’s County Police. With four years of experience in law enforcement, Officer Shelton is currently assigned to the Bureau of Patrol.

On Sunday, a candlelight vigil took place to honor and remember Melvin.

“The outpouring of love for Melvin was overwhelming, and it was evident from the crowd’s response that he was truly cherished and would be greatly missed,” Johnson expressed.

According to Johnson, the local advocacy group is not just providing support for the family, but they are also advocating for justice and police accountability.

Johnson expressed his disappointment with the overlooked alternatives that could have been pursued. He emphasized the urgency of viewing the body camera footage and obtaining the 911 call, along with any other information that could shed light on the events of that day.

According to the authorities, an officer was dispatched to the Windham Creek apartments on Suitland Rd., in response to a reported break-in. Upon arrival, a verbal confrontation ensued between the officer and Jay. Unfortunately, Jay was fatally shot by Officer Shelton during the altercation. Additionally, law enforcement recovered two firearms in close proximity to the victim.

According to Johnson, Jay’s family has informed her that it was a neighbor who contacted the police. Jay was reportedly in the process of explaining to the officer that he resided in the apartment. Harriets Wildest Dreams is committed to advocating for justice on behalf of all families who have suffered the loss of their loved ones due to police brutality, according to her.

“We will not stand idly by while police officers believe they can commit such acts with impunity. We are prepared to fight relentlessly for justice,” she declared.

The Maryland Attorney General has stated that the police will continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

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