Husband who held onto baby and demanded cigarette from police before disclosing wife’s body location could be sentenced to many years in prison

In February 2023, the police were called to the 8800 block of Lanier Drive in Silver Spring, Maryland, in response to the murder of Taresha Pendarvis. (Image: GoogleMaps) Inset: Dennis Hinnant Jr. booking photo, Maryland State’s Attorney’s Office.

A year ago, Dennis Hinnant Jr. arrived at a police station in Maryland, holding his child tightly. He approached the police officers, expressing his willingness to share information about a disturbing incident that had occurred at his residence. However, he made it clear that he would only disclose the details if he was provided with a cigarette.

According to charging documents, he made his demand while stating, “I know y’all aren’t letting me leave out here.”

A jury has recently convicted 29-year-old Hinnant of second-degree murder in the tragic death of his wife, Taresha Pendarvis, aged 28. The Maryland State’s Attorney’s Office stated that Hinnant, who resides in Silver Spring, Maryland, could face a maximum prison sentence of 40 years. The sentencing is scheduled for July 18.

According to Maryland State’s Attorney John McCarthy, he believes that the maximum penalty is justified in this case.

McCarthy emphasized the commitment to vigorously prosecuting all forms of domestic violence.

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On February 1, 2023, Hinnant arrived at the Rockville City police station with his child, visibly distressed. According to a statement of charges obtained by Law&Crime, Hinnant immediately began speaking to officers in the lobby and willingly answered preliminary questions regarding an incident that had led him to come in. However, he was not immediately arrested.

Hinnant was arrested immediately after the incident. During his time in custody, he informed the authorities that he and Pendarvis were married and that their fight had arisen due to the possibility of a divorce. According to him, the argument had escalated to a point of no return.

The left side shows a memorial cake honoring Taresha Pendarvis, while the right side features a heartwarming picture of Taresha with her children. These photos were graciously shared with Law&Crime by Taresha’s mother, Roshawnda Pendarvis.

The state’s attorney’s office stated that the child was promptly taken out of Hinnant’s custody and fortunately, remained unharmed.

Hinnant’s attorney has not yet responded to the request for comment as of Monday. Hinnant is currently in detention awaiting sentencing.

In an email to Law&Crime on Tuesday, Roshawnda Pendarvis, the mother of Pendarvis, expressed her contentment with Hinnant’s guilty verdict. However, she also expressed her hope for a conviction of first-degree murder instead.

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