Hugh Hewitt Calls for Georgia Governor to Pardon Trump and Co-Defendants, Despite Non-Existent Power

Radio talkshow host Hugh Hewitt suggests that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) should consider pardoning Donald Trump and his co-defendants if Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis refuses to hand over control of the case to the state’s attorney general.

Regrettably, Hewitt’s plan hit a roadblock as Georgia’s governor lacks the power to grant pardons.

Trump and his co-defendants are currently facing trial for their attempts to overturn the results of Georgia’s 2020 presidential election. Despite losing the state, Trump has persistently made false claims that the election was rigged against him, not only in Georgia but also in other states.

On Friday, Judge Scott McAfee presented Willis with an ultimatum when it was discovered that she had engaged in a romantic relationship with Nathan Wade. Willis had appointed Wade to prosecute a high-profile case, despite the fact that he had never handled a felony case before. In addition, Wade had billed Fulton County over $700,000 and had even paid for leisure trips that he and Willis took together.

McAfee informed the District Attorney that one of them had to step down from the prosecution. Following this, Wade made the decision to leave the team.

During an appearance on Friday’s Special Report on Fox News, Hewitt criticized McAfee’s decision.

“I haven’t been able to decipher the judge’s thoughts, but I have carefully analyzed his opinion,” he remarked. “Frankly, it doesn’t seem to make much sense. Surprisingly, he acknowledges that there is a strong suspicion of dishonesty surrounding the case.”

Kemp should give Willis another ultimatum, according to Hewitt’s suggestion.

“If I were Governor Brian Kemp, I would be worried about the perception of justice in Georgia. In order to ensure fairness, I would give the district attorney two options. Either she can hand over the case to the state attorney general for prosecution, or I will consider pardoning everyone involved in this case. It is clear that this has been a rushed and flawed process, and I am shocked by the judge’s decision,” he expressed his concerns.

Georgia is one of the four states where the governor does not have the authority to grant clemency. In Georgia, the current attorney general is Christopher Carr, a Republican.

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