How citizens in the community respond to the presidential debate

The June 27 presidential debate generated a global discussion surrounding President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. This event stirred up conversation not only in the United States but across the world. Houston County, Ala. was no exception to this phenomenon.

After the debate, we inquired about the opinions of Alabamians regarding their impressions.

Linda Turner, the Chair of the Houston County Democratic Party, has voiced her concerns about President Biden’s performance.

Turner stated that she had higher expectations for Biden’s performance, but upon reflection, she recognized that he appeared fatigued during his appearance on stage.

According to Paulina Chinkova, a member of the Houston County Republican Women, she was dissatisfied with the approach taken by former President Trump when addressing certain questions.

According to Chinkova, he was not providing direct answers and seemed to have plans for every topic discussed.

Turner believes that despite the hiccups, Biden will not be defined by the debate.

According to Turner, “I am not concerned about his 90-minute appearance last night when you look at what he has accomplished in the last four years.”

Surprisingly, Chinkova finds her faith in the Republican Party strengthened by Biden’s presidency.

Chinkova expressed her confidence in the Republican Party, stating, “I definitely feel good about the Republican Party. We’ve picked up a lot of people along the past three years.”

After the debate ended, Chinkova’s confidence in Trump’s possible re-election in November seems to have increased even more, almost 24 hours later.

Chinkova confidently stated that Trump would win if the election is conducted fairly.

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According to Turner, the traits she seeks in a presidential candidate are not present in Trump.

Turner expressed his desire for a person possessing integrity, compassion, and competency, who also surrounds themselves with individuals of similar qualities. “That’s who I want,” he emphasized.

Mark your calendars for September 10 at 8 p.m. central as the next presidential debate is set to take place.

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