House Speaker Mike Johnson accuses Hunter and James Biden of making false statements during impeachment inquiry

During an interview with The Post, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) expressed his belief that President Biden’s son and brother provided “demonstrably untrue” statements while testifying as part of the impeachment inquiry into the president.

During the annual House GOP policy retreat, which took place this year at the Greenbriar Resort in West Virginia, the House speaker expressed his belief that the interviews lacked a significant amount of truth.

During the impeachment inquiry testimony last month, Johnson expressed his dissatisfaction with Hunter and James’ responses, stating that he found them to be evasive. He firmly believes that some of the information provided during their testimony is demonstrably untrue, as it contradicts the evidence presented in the form of bank records and whistleblower testimony.

Johnson, however, refrained from accusing Hunter and James Biden of committing perjury.

Hunter Biden’s witness may have self-serving motives, but the information he provided about the China cover-up is accurate.

“I’ll allow people to form their own conclusions,” he stated.

“I believe that Hunter Biden did not disclose the complete truth. This is my personal viewpoint,” Johnson expressed.

In November of last year, Johnson made the case that the impeachment investigation into the president’s involvement in his family’s business dealings was at a critical juncture. He believed that the congressional subpoenas for testimony from the president’s son and brother would provide the crucial evidence needed to advance the inquiry to a complete impeachment trial.

House Speaker argues that the evidence gathered by the three House committees handling the inquiry has confirmed suspicions about the alleged influence peddling operation of the Biden family. She suggests that a lot of untoward and possibly unlawful activities were taking place during the course of the scheme.

Hunter Biden is scheduled to go on trial for federal gun charges starting on June 3rd.

However, he was unwilling to proceed with a vote on impeaching the president on the House floor.

“The ongoing investigations conducted by the committees of jurisdiction are an essential part of the legal process,” Johnson asserted. “These investigations are being approached with utmost seriousness, thoughtfulness, and thoroughness. I am appreciative of the meticulous and deliberate manner in which they are being carried out.”

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In my opinion, there is still some undisclosed evidence that has not been handed over yet.

“We haven’t reached that point yet,” he said when asked about voting on articles of impeachment.

On September 12, House Republicans launched their impeachment inquiry, citing evidence from bank records, transcribed interviews with Hunter’s former business associates, as well as documents and testimony from IRS whistleblowers. This evidence suggests that Joe Biden was aware of his son’s questionable business dealings with foreign entities and that his administration intervened during a five-year investigation into these dealings.

During his 2020 presidential campaign and while in office, there is evidence that the then-vice president met with associates of Hunter and his uncle James Biden from China, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Russia. This directly contradicts statements made by Biden.

Republicans are also investigating Hunter’s earnings of over $1 million while working as the vice-president of a corrupt Romanian businessman, all while his father campaigned against corruption in that country.

An impeachment inquiry does not have a set duration or specific rules governing its length.

The 118th Congress concludes its final legislative session on Jan. 3, 2025, marking the only true deadline.

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