Homicide determined as cause of death for Colorado mother who went missing in 2020

According to the El Paso County coroner’s report, released on Monday, the cause of Morphew’s death has been determined as a homicide. The report states that the exact means of death were unspecified, but it occurred in the presence of intoxication from butorphanol, azaperone, and medetomidine.

The drugs were marketed as painkillers, sedatives, and immobilizers for wildlife, according to the document.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation acknowledged its awareness of the autopsy report and confirmed that it had promptly shared it with the Morphew family upon receiving it from the coroner.

The CBI stated that it is currently conducting an ongoing investigation into the case. However, they have mentioned that they will not be disclosing any additional information at this moment.

“The public interest surrounding this case is understood and appreciated by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and our law enforcement partners,” stated CBI Director Chris Schaefer.

On Mother’s Day in 2020, Morphew, a 49-year-old mother of two, was reported missing after she vanished while riding her bicycle.

Late in September, authorities discovered her remains in the town of Moffat, situated approximately 180 miles south of Denver. The discovery occurred during a search conducted for an unrelated investigation.

In 2021, authorities arrested and charged Barry Morphew, the husband of Suzanne Morphew, with her murder. However, the case was later dismissed in the following year, as they were still unable to locate Suzanne’s body.

Barry Morphew’s attorneys expressed their concerns about the report, stating that it has left him and his family with “more questions than answers and a sense of injustice for Suzanne.”

According to the attorneys, they have discovered the DNA of an unidentified man in Morphew’s car, as well as on the grips of her bike, handlebars, and bike seat. However, the authorities have not disclosed whether they have tested the clothes she was wearing at the time of her abduction and murder to her family.

According to a statement, the DNA found on Suzanne’s clothing could potentially bring justice for her, her family, and the community. The authorities have not disclosed any information about whether they have conducted any testing on the bullet that was collected along with Suzanne’s remains. The Morphew family is eager to receive updates on this matter.

According to the attorneys, the family has been given the opportunity to retrieve Morphew’s remains. However, they have decided to hold off on collecting the remains until the suspect is apprehended. They believe that the remains could potentially provide crucial evidence in the case.

The family expressed their skepticism about the investigation’s integrity, pointing out that the investigators who concealed the unknown male DNA are still involved in the case and were present at Suzanne Morphew’s autopsy.

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