Hall County residents unite to locate a missing 12-year-old girl from her residence.

During an interview with Channel 2 Gwinnett County Bureau Chief Matt Johnson, Edward Andrade expressed his belief that there is room for improvement regarding the matter at hand.

On Sunday, he joined a group consisting of family, friends, teachers, and members of the community who went door-to-door near Atlanta Highway, carrying signs.

Andrade recalls a group of around 30 individuals taking to the streets with flyers in hand, distributing them to passersby.

Details surrounding the events of last Wednesday remain scarce, as the Hall County Sheriff’s Office has yet to release any significant information. According to investigators, the woman was last seen at her residence located near Atlanta Highway and West Side Drive.

Although deputies have stated that there are no indications of foul play, the local community remains worried about the safety of the young girl.

Andrade expressed concern that the individual they were searching for may have left the state, and that it is difficult to determine their whereabouts at this time.

Andrade is determined to find her safe, despite having limited information. Safety remains his top priority in this search.

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