Gunfire exchange between suspect and police at Kroger grocery store results in bystander being shot

On Wednesday, gunfire erupted between a suspect and the police at a Kroger grocery store just outside of Cincinnati, resulting in an innocent bystander being shot.

Authorities responded to a report of “shots fired” at the Kroger on Springdale Road in Colerain Township, Ohio, shortly before 4 p.m. ET, as stated by the Colerain Police Department.

According to Colerain Township Police Chief Ed Cordie, officers encountered a suspect outside the store. As they approached, the suspect aimed the weapon at the officers, leading to an exchange of gunfire. Subsequently, the suspect retreated into the store.

According to the chief, law enforcement has confirmed that one bystander sustained an injury during the exchange of gunfire between the suspect and the police, after initially receiving different and conflicting reports.

The suspect, during the incident, was also hit and apprehended, he mentioned.

According to the authorities, both the bystander and the suspect are expected to make a full recovery from their injuries.

The incident resulted in the shutdown of the Kroger location.

Colerain Police Department PIO Jim Love stated on Wednesday afternoon that they are taking precautions to ensure that everything is processed accurately before permitting individuals to re-enter. He emphasized the significance of the store’s cameras in aiding the investigation.

The Springfield Road Kroger location stands out as one of the busiest in the township, according to Love. He emphasized the significance of the situation, stating, “It’s a big deal to have shots fired in broad daylight here.”

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