Governor Whitmer surveys the destruction caused by tornado in Kalamazoo County

Governor Whitmer visited Pavilion Estates, where she had the opportunity to interact with residents, volunteers, and first responders. Accompanying her were Michigan State Senator Sean McCann and Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller.

As Whitmer personally observed the destruction, she emphasized that the absence of any fatalities does not imply that the community emerged unharmed.

“We consider ourselves fortunate that no lives were lost, but we are fully aware that many individuals have lost everything they had.”

According to her, as climate change continues to increase the frequency of these disasters, it is imperative for the state to take stronger measures to combat these adverse impacts.

“We need to constantly adapt and find ways to protect one another and address the challenges posed by climate change.”

Sheriff Richard Fuller of Kalamazoo County reports that a total of 176 homes were damaged, with at least 15 of them completely destroyed.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has expressed that various state departments, including the State Police and the Department of Transportation, are actively present on-site to provide assistance to local communities in their recovery efforts from the disaster.

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