Goliad’s Importance in Defending Texas Still Revered After 188 Years, Says Sheriff

The town of Goliad, Texas, continues to play a crucial role in preserving the state’s history, even after enduring one of the most significant defeats during the Texas Revolution 188 years ago.

Texans, undeterred by the challenges they faced, persevered and emerged victorious in gaining their independence on April 21, 1836, during the historic Battle of San Jacinto. Their triumph was made possible by the valiant efforts of individuals who rallied together from 28 states and 12 countries to fight for the cause of freedom.

Today, soldiers from the National Guard, along with state law enforcement and other personnel, are arriving in Texas from 25 states to provide assistance. They will be joining Governor Greg Abbott’s border security mission, known as Operation Lone Star. This operation was initiated by the Governor three years ago on March 6th, which is a significant date as it marks the day the Alamo fell.

As of now, 55 counties in Texas have declared an invasion, while 60 counties have issued disaster declarations, with Goliad County being among the first. Over 100 sheriffs have shown their support for OLS statewide, but Goliad County Sheriff Roy Boyd stands out as he leads the OLS Task Force.

One of Boyd’s ancestors was killed at the Alamo seven generations ago, while five others, including a 14-year-old boy, lost their lives at the Battle of Coleto Creek.

According to Boyd, the fight for the safety and security of Texas is an ongoing battle that has spanned 188 years and seven generations. He highlights that the current struggle differs from the Texas War of Independence in 1836, as it involves fighting on two fronts. One front is against a foreign invasion led by cartels, their human cargo, and their operatives. The other front involves combating a federal government that is determined to dismantle the American dream and the freedom it represents.

The battlefield remains unchanged, but the struggle has taken on a new form. In this contemporary battle between good and evil, victory will not come swiftly and decisively, as it did for our ancestors at San Jacinto. Instead, it is a grueling and ceaseless fight to determine whether we will preserve the Texas we hold dear, or if it will succumb to lawlessness and join the ranks of once-great places left in the ruins of defeat.

Boyd is determined to preserve the essence of Texas that we hold dear. Having served in law enforcement for over 20 years, he was elected as sheriff in November 2020 and is currently seeking re-election without any opposition. Supported by dedicated individuals from around 30 agencies in numerous counties, the OLS Task Force has grown to combat cartel criminal networks in task force counties and throughout the state of Texas.

During a recent OLS Task Force meeting in Goliad, Boyd emphasized the impact of the Operation Lone Star Task Force. According to Boyd, the task force’s effectiveness is not only measured by the number of arrests and cases made but also by the significant change in smuggling organizations’ routes to avoid areas under the task force’s jurisdiction.

According to Texas Border Czar Mike Banks, the outcomes of their endeavors have been remarkable. The OLS Task Force has effectively established a model for the appropriate utilization of OLS funds, which are grants allocated by the Texas Legislature. Although the majority of state border security funds are directed towards the Texas Military Department and Texas Department of Public Safety, a fraction of it is allocated to local law enforcement agencies.

According to Boyd, who is in favor of the task force, Governor Abbott has urged law enforcement officials to take action against transnational criminal activity. Boyd emphasized that although it is a challenging endeavor, they have a responsibility to the public to utilize all available resources in order to safeguard them from these criminal activities.

According to The Center Square, Texas has been heavily impacted by cartel crime and weaponized migration, experiencing the highest influx of illegal border crossers among states with over 1.9 million in fiscal 2023. The state of Texas has taken legal action against the Biden administration’s policies and is advocating for its right to self-defense and state sovereignty, as argued by Governor Abbott.

Boyd, speaking on the 188-year anniversary of the Fannin massacre, expressed his belief that long and protracted wars are challenging to maintain. He emphasized that many people are unaware of the dire consequences of defeat. As someone who is actively involved in the ongoing battle, he understands the harsh reality on a daily basis. Despite the hardships faced on the front lines, Boyd remains committed to protecting Texas from the potential repercussions of failing to achieve victory. He draws inspiration from the resilience and determination exhibited by his ancestors almost two centuries ago.

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