Goldendoodle Refuses to Eat Dog Food Unless It’s Coated in Imaginary Ranch Dressing

Connor and Michelle Metrailler have discovered an effective approach to tackle the challenge of having a picky eater as their dog. Residing in Toronto with their beloved goldendoodle, Zoey, the Metraillers have come up with a reliable method to ensure Zoey’s meals are not skipped. Describing Zoey as both fussy and “senile,” Michelle acknowledges that their canine companion is a senior in dog years at 14 years old. It’s fair to say that Zoey is a well-pampered pooch.

During an interview with People, Michelle revealed, “Zoey is prescribed special food for her sensitive stomach, so she typically requires wet food on top.” However, one day, the couple ran out of wet food and had to serve plain dry kibble instead. This was completely unacceptable to Zoey, who expressed her dissatisfaction.

In a desperate attempt to get Zoey to eat her kibble, Connor resorted to a little trickery. When the picky dog refused her food, he pulled out a bottle of ranch dressing from the fridge. Although he didn’t actually open it, he gave it a shake and held it over her bowl. After adding the pretend salad dressing, he gave the bowl a shake and placed it back in the feeding stand. And just like that, Zoey started devouring her meal.

We’re confident that you have your own stories about a pampered dog. Feel free to share them with a friend who might enjoy some extra dressing on the side.

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