Georgia Senate committee to receive further testimony on conditions in Fulton County jail

The Fulton County Jail Subcommittee of the Georgia Senate’s Committee on Public Safety will continue its proceedings on Tuesday morning, with further testimony expected.

The committee meeting, led by Majority Whip Sen. Randy Roberston of Cataula, will convene for the sixth time to address the state of affairs at the Fulton County Jail.

The committee convened in November in response to a troubling increase in the number of inmate deaths at the jail in 2023. The issues plaguing the jail facility have been extensively covered by Channel 2 Action News.

The jail has faced numerous challenges, including power outages, inmates breaking through walls, attacks on staff by inmates, incidents of inmate-on-inmate violence, and the tragic deaths of 10 individuals in custody in 2023, as confirmed by the sheriff’s office.

In July, the U.S. Department of Justice initiated their own investigation into the jail due to safety concerns.

According to Channel 2 Action News, the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that three inmates have died at the jail in 2024 as of April 12.

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