Georgia Governor Kemp cautions college protesters, promises severe consequences for illegal actions

Blaming most of the problems on outside agitators, he cautioned the students against breaking the law and emphasized the consequences they would face if they did so.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp recently made a strong statement regarding individuals who engage in illegal activities and show disrespect towards law enforcement officers. In his words, he emphasized that those who break the law and even go as far as spitting in officers’ faces will face severe consequences and find themselves behind bars. The governor’s firm stance highlights the importance of upholding the law and respecting those who enforce it.

Kemp had a conversation with Elliot shortly after he signed several bills into law that were related to law enforcement.

Protests at Emory University and the University of Georgia have resulted in the arrest of numerous individuals. Governor Kemp has attributed a significant portion of the turmoil to individuals from outside the local community.

According to Kemp, many of the protesters are not peaceful. He claims that these individuals are the same instigators who have been causing unrest for months on the Stop Cop City movement.

During a recent interview with Elliot, Chris Stallings, the director of Georgia Emergency Management, confirmed that they are actively monitoring the college campuses in Georgia.

Stallings stated that their agency has been ready to provide assistance to emergency managers and response teams on all University System of Georgia campuses. They are specifically offering resources to help these managers effectively handle emergency situations.

Kemp expressed his support for taking strict disciplinary measures, such as suspending or expelling students who are found guilty of breaking the law or participating in acts of violence.

“People should face the consequences for their actions. If you have committed a crime, caused damage to property, or assaulted someone, especially police officers, you should receive severe penalties. This will send a clear message that we will not tolerate Georgia becoming like Columbia University,” stated Kemp.

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