Georgia authorities rejoice over record-breaking tourism and economic growth during summer season

According to Georgia officials, the tourism industry is thriving and bringing economic prosperity to the state. This is happening even before the arrival of major events scheduled for 2025.

According to state officials, Georgia is expected to witness an increase in the number of tourists visiting the state. This news calls for a celebration for the tourism industry.

According to Jay Markwalter, the State Tourism Director of the Georgia Department of Economic Development, this year’s summer tourism season has been breaking all-time records. As reported by Linda Stouffer of Channel 2, the numbers have been exceptionally high.

Markwalter stated that there are a variety of experiences available for individuals to enjoy, including small downtown experiences, mountains and lake experiences, and coasts and beach areas.

According to Markwalter, Explore Georgia is actively promoting the state to potential tourists. He further added that the tourism industry in Georgia is thriving, having bounced back to its pre-pandemic levels and even surpassing previous records.

Georgia played host to a staggering 167 million visitors – both domestic and international – in 2022, paving the way for more than 442,600 job opportunities in the state.

Tourism has emerged as one of the leading sectors in Georgia, contributing significantly to the economy.

The industry is set to experience a significant boost with massive soccer events such as the 2024 Copa America and the upcoming World Cup in Atlanta next year. These events promise to bring in substantial revenue and generate immense excitement among soccer enthusiasts.

Markwalter, in an interview with Channel 2 Action News, expressed that the impact of this event is not limited to Atlanta or metro Atlanta, but extends to the entire state and presents an opportunity for economic growth. It’s clear that it puts Georgia on the global map.

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Georgia officials are encouraging travelers to consider staying in the state longer for both business and sports-related trips. The aim is to increase the amount of money spent on travel within Georgia.

According to Markwalter, visitors are encouraged to extend their stay and explore the various dining, shopping, and lodging options available not only in Atlanta but also in other regions of Georgia.

According to the state, Georgia received a whopping $39 billion in visitor spending in 2022.

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