George Conway: Letitia James Could Benefit from Donald Trump’s Weakening Bond

George Conway, the well-known lawyer and legal analyst who has been vocal in his opposition to President Trump, hinted on Monday that New York Attorney General Letitia James might have found some satisfaction in the recent appellate court ruling that reduced Donald Trump’s bond.

Back in February, Trump faced a significant penalty following his involvement in a civil fraud suit brought against him and The Trump Organization by James and her office. The suit alleged that Trump had engaged in a long-term scheme to exaggerate his net worth and the value of his assets, all to obtain more favorable business loans. As a result, he was found liable, and the penalty, now exceeding $450 million with accumulated interest, was imposed. Trump had until Monday to obtain a bond slightly higher than the penalty amount if he wished to appeal the ruling.

According to reports and court filings, Trump faced challenges in obtaining the required amount for the penalty due to its high value. Over 30 surety entities refused to provide coverage for the bond. Last week, Trump’s legal team sought permission from a New York appeals court to pay a reduced bond. On Monday morning, the court ruled in his favor, granting him the opportunity to pursue an appeal with a bond of only $175 million. Furthermore, Trump was given an additional 10 days to fulfill this requirement.

In a series of posts on X, Conway, one of the co-founders of the Lincoln Project anti-Trump political action committee, expressed the possibility that James could potentially secure a win in the appellate court’s decision, despite the fact that it enables Trump to postpone enforcement of or potentially reverse the penalty against him.

Kellyanne Conway expressed her satisfaction with the Appellate Division’s decision to reduce Trump’s bond to $175 million, stating that if Trump is able to post that amount, it would guarantee the State of New York the ability to collect at least that much if they win the appeal. This would eliminate the need for lawyers to track down Trump’s assets across the country, saving time, money, and effort.

In a subsequent post, he further stated, “Of course, this assumption relies on Trump being able to submit the $175 million. However, if he is unable to do so, the State’s situation remains unchanged—it would still need to pursue Trump for the entire sum.”

In response to Conway’s second post, Trump has made it clear that he plans to pay the appeal bond and do so promptly.

Trump recently claimed to have $500 million in cash-on-hand, although he acknowledged that these funds would be used exclusively for his ongoing presidential campaign. This assertion comes as the nearly half-a-billion dollar bond was causing him a great deal of trouble.

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