Gas prices hold steady as summer approaches

According to data from AAA, gas prices in Georgia have remained unchanged over the past week.

Georgians are currently paying an average of $3.36 per gallon for unleaded gas, which has remained unchanged from last week.

The price has dropped by 10 cents in the past month.

Filling up a 15-gallon tank of regular gas typically costs drivers an average of $50.40.

On Monday, the highest-priced metropolitan areas in Georgia are Savannah at $3.46, followed by Hinesville-Fort Stewart at $3.40, and Atlanta at $3.38.

The Georgia metro markets with the lowest prices are Rome, where the average cost is $3.27, followed by Dalton at $3.24, and Catoosa-Dade-Walker at a mere $3.16.

According to Montrae Waters, a spokesperson for AAA, gas prices are expected to gradually decrease in the upcoming weeks.

According to Waters, the gas prices in Georgia remained stable or experienced minimal fluctuations at the fuel stations throughout the state. Following the Memorial Day travel weekend, it seems that gas prices are steadily decreasing. However, he warns that the Atlantic Hurricane season began on June 1st, and it is expected to be a busy one. In the event of a storm hitting the Gulf Coast, which is a major oil production and refining area, there is a possibility of a sudden increase in gas prices.

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