France alters stance and announces the sale of Mirage jets to Ukraine

On Thursday, French President Emmanuel Macron revealed that France will start selling Mirage fighter jets to Ukraine “by the end of the year.” This decision comes as Ukraine remains embroiled in war.

On the 80th anniversary of D-Day, which marked the turning point of World War II and the beginning of the end of Nazi totalitarianism in Europe, Macron made an announcement. This was the day when U.S. and allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy, France in 1944.

During an interview with broadcaster TF1 in the northern city of Caen, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the transfer of Mirage 2000 jets to Ukraine, stating that they will aid in the country’s sky protection. The announcement was made on the eve of the launch of a new cooperation, coinciding with the official visit of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

According to Macron, France plans to train up to 4,500 Ukrainian pilots on Mirage 2000 fighter jets within a span of six months, starting from this summer.

Although he did not disclose the number of fighters he plans to send to Ukraine, Macron stated that he would provide more information to Zelensky during a private meeting at the Elysée Palace on Friday. The defense ministry has not yet provided any details regarding its plans.

Macron emphasized that their philosophy has always been to assist the Ukrainians in their fight.

According to Macron, Ukraine has requested military instructors from its Western allies to train its army on its own territory in order to fulfill the increasing need for troops.

According to Zelensky, Russia is currently gaining an advantage on the battlefield and he believes that it is crucial for Ukraine to receive international assistance in boosting their troop numbers.

According to Macron, the Ukrainian president and defence minister had sent an official letter to all allies 48 hours ago, requesting them to hasten the training process on Ukrainian soil. “We need you to train us quicker and that you do this on our soil,” they had stated, as per the French President’s remarks.

According to the Council on Foreign Relations, President Zelensky has been continually requesting for further military assistance, including arms, firepower, and other resources, from Western countries, such as the United States. Reports indicate that the US has recently provided additional aid, amounting to at least $175 million.

France has recently made a departure from its previous stance by deciding to send Mirage fighter jets to Ukraine. This move is significant as France had previously suggested that Kyiv should focus on acquiring F-16s, which are more widely used than the Mirage.

Gathering to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day, world leaders and veterans from allied nations bore witness to Macron’s announcement about fighter jets. During the event, U.S. President Joe Biden and Macron drew parallels between the fight against Nazism in World War II and the current Russian invasion of Ukraine.

On Friday, Zelensky has plans to meet with defense manufacturers, the French National Assembly, and Macron.

In an interview with France 24, Macron expressed that the action represents a fresh approach towards cooperation with Kyiv.

He stated that a collective decision will be made in collaboration with our partners, and we will take action accordingly.

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