Four-Vehicle Crash on S Hoover St in Los Angeles Leaves Six People Injured

Mocobizscene- Yesterday afternoon, Vermont Knolls was shaken by a chaotic multi-vehicle crash, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department. At approximately 2:37 p.m., a collision occurred at 7307 S Hoover St, involving four cars, one of which was unoccupied and parked. The accident resulted in injuries to six people. Unfortunately, incidents like these are becoming increasingly frequent on city streets. Promptly responding to the scene, first responders were met with a tangled mess of mangled vehicles. Thankfully, no individuals were trapped in the wreckage.

According to an alert from the Los Angeles Fire Department, three injured individuals were taken to nearby hospitals in moderate condition. Two others sustained minor injuries and were also transported for medical care. Interestingly, one person involved in the accident chose not to be transported by ambulance and sought assistance on their own terms. The incident, identified as LAPD Incident #3099, did not have any additional details provided by officials at the scene.

Local emergency services were overwhelmed as they responded to the call, with Fire Station 57, Battalion 13, and several RA units including RA14, RA246, RA57, RA814, RA833, RA846, RA857, and RA864. Additionally, Emergency Medical Services squads EM13 and EM4 were also dispatched. The images from the crash portrayed the chaos that midday traffic can cause, bringing it to a halt. The police and fire units efficiently collaborated to clear the scene and ensure the swift transportation of the injured to nearby hospitals.

According to the LAFD, Nicholas Prange, the department’s spokesperson, provided details about the incident without speculating on the cause of the collision. He stated, “A collision involving four vehicles, one of which was parked and unoccupied, resulted in six injured patients.” At this time, the department has not disclosed any additional information regarding potential citations or charges.

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